VITCHELO Waterproof Activity Fitness Tracker - Health Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Wristband w/ Heart Rate Sleep Calorie Step Monitor for Men Women - Pedometer Watch iOS & Android Compatible

The VITCHELO waterproof activity tracker watch is a stylish, slim smart bracelet that will appeal to people who prefer their trackers to be discreet and fashionable. Featuring a touchscreen bright OLED display, the heart monitor watch offers basic fitness stats, tracks sedentary activity; and helps check distance covered, calorie burned and sleep quality. To make a serious and lasting impact on your health and help you meet your calorie-burning targets, you get improved fitness stats with reports on how well and how long you sleep and can set it to wake you up with a non-intrusive vibrating alarm. Compatible with iOs and Android devices, the waterproof pedometer can sync wirelessly via the UETON app with your Apple iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy. The watch vibrates for sedentary alerts, allows smart notifications from paired devices to keep you connected while you exercise and keeps a log to help watch your progress over time. Battery operated, these fitness watches keep running for up to seven days between charges. Depending on how many times you access the display, a full charge can last up to 5 days. Though resistant to water ingress, LONG EXPOSURE TO WATER WHEN SWIMMING IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Comfortable and lightweight, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it & won’t even need a separate clock to keep track of time. Addictive and fun, this 24/7 heath monitor watch, waterproof pedometer for swimming and activity tracker for men and women, will help you get fitter, lose weight, and better watch your sleep. Suitable for sports and outdoor activities, the VITCHELO heart rate monitor swimming watch comes with budget friendly price point & full money-back guarantee.
Dimensions: 130 x 358 x 598
Color: black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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