Fitness Republic Vinyl Hex Dumbbells 5 lbs Set (Vinyl Weights)

The Fitness Republic Vinyl Dumbbells are multipurpose exercise tools that can be used with a number of different fitness equipment and can help you build strong muscles. These easy to use hex dumbbells are made up of cast iron, coated with vinyl. Vinyl coat provides a comfortable workout experience. The contoured grip enables you to hold these dumbbell weights during walks and aerobic classes Product Benefits Speed up metabolic rate, enhance cardiovascular and respiratory process and build strength. What Vinyl Dumbbells Offer These comfortable grip dumbbells are less noisy as opposed to other types. Fitness Republic Vinyl Dumbbells are portable and easy to use. Whether you perform squats, lunges, dumbbell flies or chest presses, these smart dumbbells guarantee a total body workout. Exercising with dumbbells also help prevent chronic back and joint pain.Vinyl dumbbells take up minimal space and are a great venue for both, advanced lifters looking to gain mass or novice trainers looking to tone up and shed some extra weight. They are the best dumbbell set for women, too, offering to sculpt, slim and de-stress the whole body paving the road to a healthier life. Popular Exercises Can be Performed • Alternated Biceps Curl • Triceps Kickback • Lateral Raise • Stationery Lunge Safety Information Enlist a person to spot for you no matter how light the dumbbells may be. Even if you are only lifting a small weight, you can still injure yourself if you do not follow dumbbell safety guidelines. Always grip dumbbells firmly by the handles to ensure safety. Children should only use dumbbells under adult supervision. Do not drop dumbbells on the floor - always place them gently on the floor
Dimensions: 320 x 880 x 960
Size: 05 lbs - Light Blue
Color: (Vinyl) 05 lbs - Light Blue
Condition: New

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