Enjoee 5lbs Grey Neoprene Bone Dumbbell Fitness Sports Euqipments, Set of 2

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Enjoee dumbbells are crafted from cast iron, and then coated in a layer of non-slip neoprene, for added comfort, durability, and grip. The high quality neoprene is also made to protect the exercising surface, and other exercise equipment in the event that the dumbbell drops on it. The dumbbell ends are bone shaped, so that the handle of dumbbell is better.SELECT THE APPROPRIATE WEIGHTS:Choose the right weight for you,lighter dumbbels are nice additions to add resistance to squats and lunges, and aerobic workouts and many more.  
Dimensions: 276 x 559 x 850
Size: 5 lbs
Color: Grey
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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