PROMIC Barbell Rubber 1lb to 20lb Hand Weights Deluxe Solid Vinyl Dumbbells with Non-Slip Grip for Fitness Exercise,Set of 2

PROMIC 1lb to 20lb Dumbbell Weights for Fitness Exercise,Set of 2 Specification: Brand:PROMIC Material:cast iron core with vinyl coating Colors and dimensions:  -Dumbbell 1LB - Pink -Dumbbell 2LB - Purple -Dumbbell 3LB - Blue -Dumbbell 4LB - Green -Dumbbell 5LB - Yellow -Dumbbell 6LB - Green -Dumbbell 7LB - Dark Green -Dumbbell 8LB - Dark Green -Dumbbell 9LB - Grey -Dumbbell 10LB - Red -Dumbbell 12LB - Orange -Dumbbell 15LB - Black -Dumbbell 20LB - Dark Blue Select The Appropriate Weights: Heavy dumbbells are perfect for building massive muscle in arms and shoulders, stability and core strength.  Lighter dumbbels are nice additions to add resistance to squats and lunges, and aerobic workouts and many more. Features: -For Fitness gym exercise eco-friendly dumbbell - Hex Shape Iron Hand Weights Dumbbells - Vinyl Coated Iron Dumbbells offer excellent Non Slip Grip - Unique Hex Shape Designs offers Anti-Rolling with Flat Head Design - Ergonomic Grip Handles offer soft and comfortable grip - Excellent Fitness accessories for toning and strength workouts
Dimensions: 420 x 740 x 810
Size: 2 x 7LB
Color: 2 x 7LB - Dark Green
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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