Celedia Fitness Exercise Streching Band Yoga Belt Strap Cotton 8 Foot Metal D Ring (Black)

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, using a yoga strap can ease the strain of muscles, help you go deeper into poses, give you the confidence to attempt challenging poses, improve your form and help you gain more flexibility, allowing you better extension in some positions that have always been hard to complete, you know "hard moves poses" unless you are very flexible. If you can't touch your toes with your hands or you aren't so flexible, this strap improves and increases your flexibility, gradually you can build up flexibility by moving your arms further on the strap. The length is enough to use it to support your back and correct my posture, by wrapping around your waist and shoulders and also helps to sustain proper form in poses for longer time. It is wide enough to spread the force of the stretch across your particular body part, especially the foot.The material is textured to make it slip-resistant, your grip is secure and it doesn't slip, so that you won't end up kicking yourself in the face or folding up your body into unnatural poses.The material it's not rough on your hands and it doesn't burn, dig or sting into your hands if you start to slip while holding on, allowing you to get a good grip during yoga poses.This exercise strap comes with the little baggie in which you can store the strap after using it, to protect it from rain, dust, wind or bad weather. It fits easily in the bag, which allows for quick and easy storage. Important: The strap can't be used to carrying a mat.
Dimensions: 150 x 421 x 461
Size: 8 Feet
Color: Black
Condition: New

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