MKcool Refreshing Mesh Evaporative Cooling Towel 11.8"x31.5" (Value Pack): uses "Coolcore" medical and military cooling fabric, with double layers for a stronger cooling effect! (Pink & Gray)

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New Generation of Cooling Fabric Effectively Lowers Surface Temperature by 25% to 35%. "Coolcore" is a USA-patented cooling fabric technology. Its unique and environmentally friendly honeycomb 3D weaving technology delivers instant coolness, rapidly lowering the surface temperature and extending consistent cooling effect and long-lasting comfort. Simply put the towel into water, take out and wring it lightly once, then shake in the air for a few seconds - that's it! MKcool Refreshing Evaporative Cooling Towel applies advanced technology. The 3D honeycomb structure of the "Coolcore" fabric removes heat by transferring it rapidly into the moisture in the towel, and causing the moisture to recycle away from the surface and evaporate taking the heat away with it. Key features of the fabric include high absorbency, non-stick surface (so it feels smooth and clean against your body at all times), anti-bacterial and mite-proof, as well as non-electrostatic, sweat-absorbent, breathable and quick-drying fabric.  Can be used to wipe away perspiration in sport, or making you more comfortable when suffering from a fever, etc. Features 1. Slim design - wicks away moisture for enhanced comfort. 2. 98% UV blocking rate, UV protection index 50+. 3. Free from any chemical additive and odour. 4. Normal temperature water or even just the moisture of your own sweat will produce the cooling effect. 5. Suitable to be washed in the washing machine like ordinary clothes, leaving its cooling power fully intact. 6. As long as the fabric contains moisture, shaking it around will restore its cooling effect. 7. Instant and long-lasting cooling. 8. Completely reusable, the "Coolcare" fabric's cooling properties come from its unique structure and do not reduce with use. 9. Suitable for sports, outdoor recreation, high-temperature operation - very light and easy to carry.
Dimensions: 79 x 591 x 787
Color: Pink & Gray
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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