Wacces Speed Super Flat Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder for Soccer, Speed, Football, Fitness with Free Carry Bag ( 20 Rungs - Green )

Get Fast and Improve your Agility by Consistently Working with the Wacces Speed Ladder Increase your speed and agility by working with the Wacces Quick Ladder. Getting your body ready to compete requires consistent training in rhythm, timing and footwork. Athletes looking to improve their ability to quickly change direction will benefit from performance training with the Wacces Quick Ladder. Whether youÕre in pre-season, in season or off-season, you can train on your own at home or with your team on the field to improve your footwork and multi-directional speed. Commit to high-intensity workouts with this versatile and portable Quick Ladder to improve agility and quickness. Get Quick with Your First Step In most sports your first step is crucial for success. First-step quickness is a component of acceleration when talking about speed. Whether it is linear or multi-directional speed, your ability to elicit a quick response to a stimulus is of the utmost importance. Reaction time is governed by your nervous system or neural integration. One of the best tools to elicit your bodyÕs rapid response mechanism is the Wacces Quick Ladder. Extra Durable Rungs for Heavy Use The Wacces Quick Ladder features 8 or 12 or 20 heavy-duty plastic rungs. The soft edges allow cleats to slide on and off the ladder preventing catching or snagging. The rungs also have a slot to easily pack-up and store your ladder. Train to be More Agile Agility is the ability for your body to change direction on a dime. The quicker you can get your body to change direction, or Òcut,Ó the faster you can win the ball, get to the goal, get in front off an opponent, or intercept the ball. Agility is a key factor in sports like soccer, basketball, football, hockey and lacrosse. Being agile helps you get past your opponent more quickly to move the ball down the field or get to a pass.
Dimensions: 400 x 600 x 2200
Size: 20 Rungs
Color: Green
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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