Kettlebell Kings | Cast Iron Kettlebell | Designed for Home Workouts, Swings & Strength Training (15 LB)

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" Over 100 Five Star Amazon Seller Reviews and thousands 5 Star Reviews Online! If a kettlebell does not have our features it will easily chip, crack and not stand up to normal wear. Any kettlebell you buy needs to be cast as 1 piece and Gravity Cast to last. For this reason our cast iron kettlebells are the best for the price on the web. The kettlebells in our Pound Series are created in American style 5 pound increments. We designed this series for those not used to using kilograms in their workouts. Structurally, the kettlebells are the same as our other lines, they are gravity cast and cast as one solid piece with no welding. The big advantage is the more familiar weight increments of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 pounds like most Americans are used to lifting. FREE SHIPPING LIFETIME WARRANTY-we carefully craft these kettlebells out of a SINGLE piece of cast iron which creates the most durable kettlebell you can make, because of this we are able to guarantee the structural integrity of this kettlebell for your life! FLAT BASE -kettlebells need to be created with a flat base for easy storage and use during floor workouts, kettlebells without flat bases will roll around which makes it hard to store and use during movements like pushups, rows and renegade rows GRAVITY CAST-this ensures precise weight, you need to be confident you are training with the correct weights. Kettlebells which are gravity case are more weighted more precisely, kettlebells which are not gravity cast have imperfections in the weight as the mold gets older and cannot be counted on for accurate training SMOOTH HANDLES-easy to grip and hold onto but smooth so there is no discomfort in your hands during grueling workouts. Kettlebells with rough handles will chafe your hands and make it hard to complete a workout."
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