CFF 10mm Pro Lever Weightlifting Belt - Strongman, MMA, Boxing, Cross Training (X-Large)

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Meets IPF specifications. Protect your back and avoid a hernia with the all new CFF Pro Lever Weightlifting Belt. "Belt Competitors may wear a belt. If worn, it shall be on the outside of the lifting suit. Materials and Construction: (a) The main body shall be made of leather, vinyl or other similar non-stretch material in one or more lamination's which may be glued and / or stitched together. (b) It shall not have additional padding, bracing or supports of any material either on the surface or concealed within the lamination's of the belt. (c) The buckle shall be attached at one end of the belt by means of studs and / or stitching. (d) The belt may have a buckle with one or two prongs or "quick release" type ("quick release" referring to lever.) (e) A tongue loop shall be attached close to the buckle by means of studs / or stitching. (f) The name of the lifter, the lifter's nation, state or club may appear on the outside of the belt. Dimensions: 1. Width of belt maximum 10 cm. 2. Thickness of belt maximum 13 mm along the main length. 3. Inside width of buckle maximum 11 cm. 4. Outside width of buckle maximum 13 cm. 5. Tongue loop maximum width 5 cm. 6. Distance between end of belt and far end of tongue loop maximum 25 cm" (Technical Rules book of the International Powerlifting Federation ) Description: • Heavy Duty Leather - 10mm thick • 10cm Wide • Heavy Duty Two Prong Lever • 8 points of adjustment to assure a good fit. • Flathead screwdriver is required to adjust the lever for precise sizing. Sizing: • Small: 27" - 33" • Medium: 31" - 37" • Large: 35" - 41" • X-Large: 39" - 45" • 2X-Large: 43" - 49" • 3X-Large: 47" - 53"
Size: X-Large
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