Hula Hoop Weighted 2 lb Magnetic Therapy Massage Weight Loss Fitness Abdominal Exercise + Blue Weighted Jump Rope

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Not many people know that for over 100,000 years magnets have been used to heal for what is known as biomagnetic therapy. As all cells are alive and possess electrical charges, the additional magnetic field creates another electromagnetic field which when cells are damaged and out of sync will restore balance to improve blood flow to affected areas. The magnets of the magnetic health hula hoop will stimulate the recovery capabilities around the area by increasing blood circulation and thus also improving metabolism. This in turn will bring more stamina and greater vitality. The magnets will also help reduce stress and partially alleviate the pain and exhaustion from exercising with the hula hoop. Constantly using the hula hoop will improve the composition of healthy bacteria within your intestines and stomach and may prevent constipation from occurring. Because of the rhythm and weight of our hula hoop that moves around your waist, fat burning will target that area as well. The hula hoop will strengthen your core and create lean muscle around the area leaving only a slim waist. The hula hoop is also structured to have 40 massage balls in which the magnets are placed along the inside of the hoop which is intended to give a massaging effect. No matter when you exercise whether it's in front of a TV or outside, our magnetic hula hoop is designed to give you a great workout so you can feel great and look great burning 100 calories every 10 minutes of use.
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