Yes4All Single PVC Coated Dumbbells, Single-13 lb

Ready to be impressed with the best PVC dumbbell on the market!!! A great PVC-coated dumbbell is ideal to use at home or commercial gyms. Whether you are professional athletes who want to develop strength, power and core muscles or a trainer thinking about getting a lean body and tone muscles fast, Yes4All PVC dumbbell is the best choice. Why choose Yes4All PVC Coated Dumbbell? This single PVC coated hand weight is made of high-grade cast iron and are coated with PVC to add more durable, effective coating and eye-catching colors. It features a smooth and shining surface that is aesthetically pleasing for any users. The PVC surface provides a comfortable feel while handling and a snug grip for sweaty hands. Will not crack, rust or fade. Plus, the clever design of our PVC dumbbells is to prevent rolling, ideal for working out at home, commercial gyms. How to use it? Our dumbbell is a great assistant in a wide range of training and fitness exercises. Tone all over muscles, lose more weight and enhance your body strength by using it to perform curls, tricep extension and bench press or shoulder press. Or simply use it when you walk or do aerobics exercises to add more weight and thus improve your core strength. This Lightweight PVC dumbbell is easy to store and carry away to use at home, office or on-the-way exercise.
Dimensions: 430 x 470 x 1060
Color: S13-Single - 13 lbs
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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