JOINTUP 39Inch 8 Sections Detachable Sports Fitness Waist Slimming Magnetic Massage Adjustable Hula Hoop (with massage wheels)

JOINTUP Hula Hoop is a specifically designed waist trimmer for exercise purposes and is a perfect hoop for beginners looking to start a new healthy lifestyle or stay in shape. The hula hoop has PE wheels and natural lodestones for massage which allows users to get better exercise effect. The muscle stimulation from the hoop is spread out evenly for people who are looking for a less intense but longer duration hoop workout.Benefits: • Great for adults to efficiently trim waistlines and tone core muscles • Enhances cardio workouts • Improves posture and circulation • Targeted workout for core muscles.
Dimensions: 315 x 965 x 1634
Color: with massage wheels
Condition: New

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