FITNESS Sale!!! Hula Hoop and Arm Hula Hoop Mini Pair Dream Weaver Gift Set

DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER. Featuring the original manufacturer of the "BREAK AWAY" the newest innovation in hula hooping. Paradise Hoops is formally the manufacturer for about 90% of Hoopnotica's handmade hula hoops. We have the BEST QUALITY BEST PRICE. This "BREAK AWAY" hula hoop was created by Janou Lightning former team leader of Hoopnotica. She took her expertise in the hooping industry and made a hoop that is easy to break down to travel. Understanding the needs of the hooping community. We are offering this exclusive hula hoop for a special price and a limited time offer. A 40" inch single hoop that is great for anyone. No bruising, and so smooth. All are 160 PSI and weigh approx. 1.8 pounds. And a pair of arm Mini Hoops. Hand taped and Manufactured in the USA. So many great reviews...Check it out!!! Don't let this sale pass you by.
Size: 40"" 1 Hula Hoop and Arm hula hoop mini pair
Color: Neon green and Neon Blue,Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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