Best Home Fashion Sherpa Kushy Cushy Faux Fur Yoga Ball Chair

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Assembly Instructions: 1. Unzip ball case and place the yoga ball inside. Make sure the air hole is placed along the opening. 2. Attach the hose to the blue nozzle on the pump. Insert the air pump adapter to the hose as shown. 3. Insert the nozzle into the air hole and pump air into the ball until it expands to optimal size of 65 cm. 4. When done pumping, unplug the nozzle and immediately insert the ball plug as shown. Close the ball case zipper. 5. Place the ball on top of the ball stand. The yoga ball chair is now ready for use. 6. To remove the ball plug, slip the plug remover around the plug and lift up.
Dimensions: 900 x 1900 x 1900
Color: Sherpa
Condition: New

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