2017 NEW CB Sports Deluxe, Travel Dumbbells - Heavy Weight upto 55lb/25kg + FREE Extension Pole - Adjustable, Portable Dumbbells - Home Workout Equipment (Set of 2) FILL WITH WATER - BLACK

Travel Water Dumbbells Water dumbbells are an excellent way to stay in shape on the go and at home. You can use Water Dumbbell Exercises and Workouts to maintain strength & fitness and even combine them with quick cardio workouts for complete workouts. They are made of soft material so they won't mark your floors at home or in a hotel HOW TO USE For 10KG/22lb fill 4 bags (women/children) and for 18KG/39lb fill 8 weight bags (men/women) For max weight 25KG/55lb fill 8 weight bags + extension pole (men/women) TIP: TO FILL - fill your sink/ wash basin with water and submerge the water bags for best results EXERCISE - Dumbbell 1 arm swing: Fill dumbbell with desired weight as per instructions above Hold a dumbbell by its handle with one hand and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Twist your feet into the floor. Bend your hips back and swing the weight through your legs and behind you while keeping your lower back flat. Bend your knees as necessary. Explosively extend your hips to swing the weight up to shoulder level. Let us know what you think of the water dumbbells! We would love to know which exercises you recommend. INSTRUCTIONS NOW EMAILED AFTER PURCHASE
Dimensions: 461 x 488 x 1370
Color: BLACK
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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