Weighted Fitness Hula Hoop. Great for Exercise, Dancing, Staying in Shape and Having Fun! (Black, Fitness Hoop 40")

The Spinsterz Weighted Hula Hoops Are Your Best Bet For Getting Fit and Having Fun! I could write a bunch of fancy sales ad type stuff, but instead I just want you to know the facts and that you are buying from a company that has been around for 13 years in the hoop business and has a stunning reputation. Just google "The Spinsterz" and you can read up on us for yourself. We want you to get the RIGHT hoop for what you want to do with it, so give us a call, email, Instagram shout, we REALLY want to make sure you get the perfect hoop to fit YOUR body. Hoop Models X-Small - 36" Outside Diameter - 1LB Small - 38" Outside Diameter - 1.2LB Medium - 40" Outside Diameter - 1.5LB Large - 42" Outside Diameter - 2LB Hoop Specs Hoops are made from a thick Polyethylene plastic. Hoops coils down for travel with the single push of a button. Hoops are wrapped in shiny metallic tape and finished off with a cloth tape called Gaffer Tape that is there to facilitate the hoop gripping your body. Perfect Fit Guide X-Small Great for smaller bodies and more advanced hoopers.  Under 5'0" 100-140 LB Small Under 5'0" 100-140 LB Medium 5'0" - 5'6" 100-160 LB Large 5'6"+ 140LB + The above are just guidelines to go off of and are not concrete as every body is beautiful and unique.  If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, we will get back to you in 24 hours or less!
Dimensions: 201 x 2299 x 2449
Size: Medium - 40" - 1.5LB
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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