ELECYCLE Antigravity Yoga Hammock Yoga Swing Trapeze -Yoga Swing Inversion Tool (Pind)

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· Some Inversion Benefits · Allow the blood back of the head and relax the muscle. · Helps reduce back stress by relieving pressure on vertebrae discs and ligament. · Can reduce fatigue, stress and relaxes the overall body. Materials: High strength parachute fabric Loading Capacity:200kg Size:2.5x1.5m (98.42x59.05")Approx The installation steps: 1 First installed in the ceiling hook, fixed disk or can assume the pipe, two hooks spaced 50-80 cm better. Such as the need to install hooks on the ceiling perforated ceiling over the ceiling is not suitable for installation oh. (Installation must be able to load in a fixed object) 2 If the ceiling is high, and needs to extend the zone, extended with a length of 100 cm, anti-gravity yoga length from 1.4 to 1.5 meters, so it also can be used with high ceilings. 3 The anti-gravity yoga mountaineering ends with the end of the hook to extend enough. Note: During use in strict accordance with the following points from prosecution 1 Yoga hammock hanging anchor must be strong, hanging upside down from the height of the first floor is not more than 15CM, to prevent accidentally fall injuries. 2 Please check before,yoga hammock hook plate is loose, extended belt for excessive wear. 3 Avoid carry buttons or sharp objects are damaged and yoga hammock. 4 This product is not fireproof fabric, please stay away from sources of ignition. 5. Note yoga hammock clean the surrounding ground smooth, avoiding choose gravel, twigs and other sharp hard object exists locations. Package Included: 1 x Long Yoga Cloth 6 x foam handles 2 x Training Belts 4 x Hooks 1 x Carrying Bag
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