IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide: If It Fits Your Macros Diet Plan Trains You on How to Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Lose Body Fat, & Maintain ... Physique! (The APE Coach Presents) (Volume 1)

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**INTRODUCING TYLER JOHNSTON’S #1 BESTSELLER WITH THOUSANDS OF COPIES SOLD!** LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE PROS Get The Body of Your Dreams Eating Foods You Love! The IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide is your blueprint to excellence and success in your nutrition and health, and in your life as well! Unlike any other diet or nutrition book you’ve ever read before, this book is designed as a guide that teaches you and takes you step by step through the simple actions to create immediate and long-lasting improvements in your health, fitness and physique! STOP WASTING TIME! With The IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide, you will learn how to… Lose Weight Build Muscle Lose Body Fat Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Avoid Restrictive Diets Build Your Perfect Physique This book is designed to show you exactly how you can lose weight, or put on quality muscle mass and maintain your results successfully. And how to improve your total body composition, maintain your healthy lifestyle long term and achieve greater success with your fitness and health goals eating all the foods you love. No need to deprive yourself or restrict “bad” foods ever again! ACHIEVE GREATER SUCCESS IN FITNESS AND ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE With One of Canada’s Top Natural Physique Competitors and Coaches Tyler Johnston (Owner of Alpha Physique Engineering) is a National Level Natural Physique Competitor with several years of experience in professional training, fitness and nutrition coaching, competing, and running a highly successful online training company. He has dedicated his life to helping millions around the world just like you achieve the body of your dreams and live a life you truly love. In this book he shares secrets of Pro Bodybuilders, Fitness Models, Elite Athletes and More to stay lean and muscular all year round more easily and more enjoyable than ever before. THIS IS MORE THAN A BOOK! The IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide is much more than a book. It is a true guide. No matter where you’re starting from or how much knowledge or experience you have with nutrition, this book will show you the way! This guide takes you step by step through the basic nutrition principles and concepts of IIFYM “If It Fits Your Macros” or “Flexible Dieting” in the most simple and easy to understand terms. So this book can help elite athletes and trainers right down to absolute beginners with zero background in fitness or nutrition. After reading, you will have a basic understanding of: the difference between calories and macronutrients how weight loss and weight gain occurs how your metabolism functions how to lower your body fat % and improve your overall body composition SPECIAL BONUS FOR READERS! Get the IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide Ultimate Success Workbook, Delicious IIFYM Recipes, Grocery Lists with Macros and More The Workbook and other bonus materials are designed to ensure you are absolutely 100% set up for success with every resource necessary to produce extraordinary results and completely transform your health, fitness, body and life for the better. Improving your health and fitness can be the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences you ever have, and it should be! IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK The media does their best to make things like getting lean and muscular and losing body fat extremely complicated with these silly fad training routines, crash diets and a whole lot of nonsense. STOP the frustration and spinning your wheels in the gym seeing little to no results year after year and START achieving the body of your dreams eating the foods you love Scroll up, click the “Buy” button and start transforming your life for the better right now!
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