Fitbill FB607 Smart Rowing Machine / Rower with Smart Scale, bluetooth sensor and App

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How to Row on a Rowing MachineBeginning the Rowing Movement1 Lock your feet into the straps. Secure them until they're tight to the point your feet do not slide around on the footplate. 2 Get into the starting position. Bend your knees until your body is near the handle at the front of the machine. Grab the handle securely. Make sure your back is straight. 3 Push off the footplate with your leg muscles. When rowing, you're moving one body part at a time - start with the legs. Push off the footplate, using your quads and glutes to extend your legs. •The muscles used for rowing should be 60% legs, 20% core, and 20% arms/shoulders. •Keep your arms and torso in the original position. 4 Lean back into a 45-degree angle. Once your legs are straightened out, use your core and hamstrings to lean back to a roughly 45-degree angle, keeping your spine straight. Completing the Movement1 Practice arm isolations. Once your legs are straight and your back is tilted, you can practice including the arm movements. Your core will remain engaged, holding your torso at a 45 degree angle as you pull the handle toward your chest. 2 Extend your arms while reaching your torso forward. You will now begin to return to starting position, following the reverse sequence of movement - arms, core, legs. Extend your arms from your chest, then tilt your torso forward out of the 45 degree angle. 3 Bend your knees to return to the starting position. Keep bending your knees until you're back in the original position. Repeat the movement again.
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