Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Silicone Coaster Mat/Pad , Budesi Long Warranty and Perfect Protect Fitbit Aria Wireless Digital Wifi Smart Body Fat Scale Mat/Accessory

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Silicone Mat/Pad By Budesi With Long Warranty and Protect Body Fat Scale Well Feature:1.Only silicone mat, no other parts2.It's a smart scale accessory,Silicone Mat, size only suit for Fitbit Aira ,not for others 3.Packing included: ONE pack fitbit Aria scale mat !ATTENTION: about effect the body fat% or BMI data problem let us study how to calcuate the body fat% and BMI data first: 1) Body fat%(full name:Body Fat Ratio)= (Body fat(kg) / Weight(kg)) *100% Data a=Waist(cm)*0.74, Data b=Weight(kg)*0.082+34.89, Body fat(kg)=Data a - Data b IF for Men change 34.89 as 44.742) BMI=Weight(kg)^2 / Height(m)Take a 60kg,83cm Waist,158cm Height Women for example: Data a = 83*0.74=61.42, Data b = 60*0.082+34.89 = 39.81, Body fat(kg)=61.42-39.81=21.61 Body fat% = (21.61 / 60) * 100%=36.0167% BMI = 60 / 1.58^2 =24.0346AFTER added a Budesi Silicone mat: Weight = 60.001kg, Data b = 60.001*0.082+34.89 =39.810082, Body fat(kg)= 61.42-39.810082 = 21.609918 Body fat% = (21.61 / 60.001) * 100%=36.0161% BMI = 60.001 / 1.58^2 =24.0350NOW from the two group data, we can know ,even added a silicone mat, the effect really is soooo slightly,maybe just like the different if a drink of water or not. really can be ignore completely.
Dimensions: 201 x 201 x 701
Color: Set-3
Condition: New

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