Peace Yoga Non Slip Suede Exercise Towels Blue [15" x 24"] (2 pack)

Stay rooted and let your spirit soar with Peace Yoga. Stay motivated by getting the support you deserve with Peace Yoga's Suede Yoga Towel. This towel is designed specifically for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Pilates, and sweaty exercises. How Does It Work? Suede provides a superior balance of moisture absorption and grip control when compared to cotton or microfiber. These special towel's grip STRENGTHENS as it SOAKS UP your sweat. How Do I Use the Towel? 1. The towel's non-slip grip feature ONLY works when the towel is wet. 2. Place your towel on top of your mat. 3. Before getting started, lightly spray your towel with water. 4. Do your Hot Yoga, Bikram, or Pilates session as usual. As the towel soaks up more moisture from your sweat, the non-slip grip will get stronger. *This towel is designed specifically for Hot Yoga use only. Why Peace Yoga? Suede's high level of absorbency means that your sweat stays in your towel and off your mat. This helps preserve your yoga mat and keep it sanitary. Suede is durable, machine-washable, and dries quickly, so it is ready to work when you are. Specially designed for Hot Yoga, Peace Yoga's Suede Yoga Towels are a great addition to any yoga's lifestyle. So bring on the heat and indulge into your practice worry-free of sweaty slip-ups with Peace Yoga.
Dimensions: 90 x 690 x 800
Size: 15" x 24"
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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