Matymats Cotton Yoga Strap 1.5'' × 6.5 ft Metal D-Ring Mat Carrier

Grab toes, feet, and legs in harder balancing or reclined positions; Instead of struggling or bending to reach a limb, you can extend your arms length with Matymats 6.5ft Cotton D-Ring Yoga Strap, so correct alignment is not compromised and range of motion is slowly improved. At 1.5 inches wide, this strap prevents constricted circulation, yet is not too wide to easily hold and wrap around your hand. The metal D-Ring fastener is durable and makes quick adjustments easy. Meanwhile with double D-Rings at two ends, the strap is a hand free yoga mat carrier! Whether you are traveling to the studio or taking your practice on the road, the Matymats Cotton D-Ring Yoga Strap is a new, inspired way to carry your belongings, your love of yoga, and your commitment to the planet, without sacrificing style or performance.
Dimensions: 197 x 197 x 591
Color: Grey
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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