Yoga Mat Towels and Hand Towels - Best Accessory for Hot Yoga - Yoga Towel with Non Slip Grip; Exercise, Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga Gear; Money Back Guarantee (Mystic Green, Mat Towel)

Soaking Wet After Your Yoga Work Out? Want a towel that absorbs more than a regular cotton towel? I recently went to a pool party for a friend's kid birthday. One of the moms that I work with pulled out two chamois cloths no bigger than a handkerchief and handed them to her kids to dry off with. What I was amazed by was that they soaked up all the water and still had the ability to do more without feeling wet. That's when I decided to make a yoga towel out of this material! MRS Fitness Towels:* Are nonslip when combined with MRS Fitness Mat so you won't be sliding all over your mat* Are made of highest quality microfiber material that holds up wash after wash* Are chamois-like, offering superior absorbency compared to other towels* Are a hygenic layer between you and the mat* Prolong the life of your mat so you spend less money buying towels and mats The Only Yoga Towel Brand Backed by a Money Back No-Hassle Guarantee Guaranteed, no regrets! Money Back Guarantee: Any defective or accidentally damaged MRS Fitness yoga towel with a Money Back Guarantee may be returned to MRS Fitness and you will be refunded or it can be replaced with an identical or similar towel if the original model is no longer available. Click the 'Add to Cart' button in the upper right corner of your screen now to get your towel rushed out to you!
Dimensions: 360 x 450 x 880
Size: Mat Towel
Color: Mystic Green
Condition: New

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