DG Sports 3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop - Ideal for Aerobics Workouts, Hot Fitness & Weight Loss Exercise - Comes Apart for Easy Storage

Who says working out can't be fun? With the DG Sports 3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop, you can get a challenging workout that you'll enjoy. This hula hoop works just like the type that you remember playing with as a child, but it's made to be a highly effective piece of fitness equipment. Heavier and wider than a traditional hoop, this fitness hula hoop weighs 3 full pounds, making it more challenging to keep in motion. Working out with the DG Sports 3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop provides a multitude of benefits, including: - FAT BURNING FOR WEIGHT LOSS. You can burn up to 400 calories per hour using this hula hoop to metabolize fat and lose pounds and inches. - CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING. Using this hula hoop raises your heart rate to strengthen your cardiovascular system and lungs. With regular use, the hula hoop can improve your endurance and your overall health. - CORE SCULPTING. Keeping the hula hoop properly balanced requires you to engage your core, so you get the benefits of an abdominal workout and an aerobic workout in one! Unlike other fitness hula hoops on the market, the DG Sports 3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop is comfortable and convenient to use. Over top of the hula hoop's durable weighted plastic core is soft foam padding that allows the hoop to better suit your body's contours. When you're finished with your work out, you can disassemble the hula hoop into 8 small pieces that are easy to store or pack into your gym bag. The snap button connectors make reassembling the hula hoop just as easy! See how much fun a rigorous workout can be! Get on your way to achieving your fitness goals by hula-ing your way to health! Order the DG Sports 3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop now.
Dimensions: 350 x 890 x 1780
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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