Milliard Weighted Hula Hoop, For Intense Fat Burn and Cardio Workout - Adjustable Weight up to 5.3 Pounds - Diameter 39inch

Milliard Hula-Hoop is a great way to exercise and keep in shape at the same time. This is easy to assemble and take apart so you can store it away neatly without it taking up to much space. It also has an EVA padded foam covering so you shouldn't feel discomfort on your abs or stomach as you exercise and provides extra grip for easier hooping. Benefits that can be gained by Hula Hooping• Hula Hooping can strengthen core abdominal muscles while killing fat• Doesn't just tone your stomach and abs but can also work out your arms and thighs• Hula Hooping can increase your flexibility• Is a great Calorie Burner while you're having fun Each segment has a weight compartment to tailor its balance for your routine or preference - up to 5.3lbs. When you're ready to start hooping, just drop weights into the segments as you like and lock them together with their captive push-button clips. The max weight for this Hula hoop is intended for Adults 120 lbs. or greater. With a weighted Hula Hoop you can cut down on the time you need to exercise and still get the same results double as fast. You can also increase your endurance levels while strengthening core muscle quicker.
Dimensions: 340 x 900 x 2220
Size: 39"
Color: Grey/Orange
Condition: New

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