The Parkinson's 5 Minute Workout DVD

• Improve your function • Reduce freezing • 10 short workouts which are fun and effective You don't have to spend hours at the gym to get better and stronger with The Parkinson's 5 Minute Workout DVD. Patrick LoSasso, CSCS, internationally recognized exercise specialist who develops programs for people with Parkinson's, leads you through 10 simple 5 minute Parkinson's exercise routines that can make you feel better. You can improve your health, vitality and function in the comfort of your home in little as 5 minutes a day. Each 5 minute workout contains exercises and stretches which are specifically designed to target the symptoms that can occur with Parkinson's disease. Filmed in beautiful, remote California locations, you'll escape to the serene wilderness as Patrick leads you through uplifting and rejuvenating exercise. Results guaranteed or your money back! Patrick delivers his unique and innovative approach to Parkinson's exercise in this collection of ten (10) - 5:00 minute routines designed to make you feel stronger, fast! 50 minutes of wonderful, effective, and easy to perform exercises. If you don't feel better and stronger, simply contact us for a complete refund. You can even keep the DVD, that's how strongly we believe in this program. This DVD contains ground breaking senior exercises you've never experienced. Reduce and manage your symptoms of Parkinson's Disease through exercise! Feel stronger and healthier in as little as 5 minutes a day with Patrick's evidence-based therapeutic movement program that effectively targets your symptoms. The drills are easy to follow, fun, and effective.
Condition: New

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