Loctek Desk Exercise Bike Work Cycling Upright workstation

Description: Sitting all day at work is really bad for us," says Lucas Carr, an professor in health and human physiology. Excessive sedentary time to be a risk factor for many physical and psychosocial health outcomes including mortality, obesity, cardio metabolic-disease risk, cancer, stress, depressive symptoms, and poorer cognitive function. The Loctek desk bike exerciser helps you gain a lot of benefits of lower-level physical activity while you are working. You no longer have an office chair. You either stand and work, or move in the standing desk bike and sit on the seat provided. Simply sit on the bike, engaging your hips. 2-Position with adjustable seat accommodates wide range of heights. Max weight capacity is 240 lbs. Assembly required Feature: Internal organs: Sitting too much is linked to high blood pressure and elebated cholesterol. People with sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have cardiovascular. Muscles: Abdominal muscles will be stronger if you stand, move, and cycle. Strong abs help support your back which in turn can decrease back pain. Upper body and back: If you sit for a long time, you may caught a foggy brain, function slow down. Lower body: Long time sedentary cause poor circulation in the legs leading to swollen ankles and possibly blood clots. Spec: ● Material: Heavy Steel ● Weight Capacity: 242 lbs. ● Overall Size: 41" x 22" x 47" ● Resistance Levels: 1-8 ● Adjustable Seat Height: 30" - 38" ● Desktop size: 17" x 17" ● Color: Black
Condition: New

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