Wolf Gym Ultra Absorbent and Non Slip Microfiber Yoga Towel with Bag, 24x72 - Inch

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Hygienical Yoga is amazing and relaxing, but you shouldn't forget about the risk of fungus and bacteria that can spread around quite easily. Yoga mats aren't meant to be machine washed, and that's why we suggest placing our Microfiber yoga towel over the mat to absorb the sweat and keep your mat clean. Wash & Dry The towel can be washed using medium temperature settings on your washing machine and that will deal with possible fungus and bacteria. The towel has Quick-Dry capability, so even if you don't use the dryer and hang it inside or outside, the towel will get dry rather quickLightweight & Compact The Gym Wolf microfiber yoga towel will add just 12.34oz to your gym bag and you can roll it and put it inside it's bag, taking just 322.73in3 of space. This helps you save space in your gym bag or your closet. Size & Grip Using a regular towel on the Yoga could be quite frustrating because it would be either too wide or too short and it would slide around. Gym Wolf Microfiber Yoga towel has been made specially for this purpose. Its size 24"x72" will fit most of the Yoga mats. Moreover, microfiber fabric has a good grip on the yoga mat and it will stay in it's place.
Dimensions: 590 x 590 x 1180
Size: 71" x 24"
Color: gray and black
Package quantity: 1

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