Yoga Exercise Mat Carrier Sling with 4 D-Rings Doubles as A Durable Yoga Stretching and Posing Strap - A 2-in-1 Extra Value Combination by Wisdompro - Hotpink

Wisdompro® 2-in-1 value combination Means Wise Product Choices! Only a design like this one can do the job of yoga mat carrier sling AND posing/stretching strap. The durable and functional material is strong, with reinforced stitching. But you still look cool and keep your mat cool and aired-out while carrying it over your shoulder and out in the fresh air as you go between home and the yoga studio or gym. The durable and long lasting construction includes lightweight metal D-rings - not plastic buckles that will crack and break. Make a wise product choice and enjoy peace of mind with the mat carrier and posing strap combo that will last and last. Unmatched quality and unbeatable price make Wisdompro® your best value. Wisdompro retail package includes: 1 x Wisdompro® Yoga Strap Wisdompro Customer Satisfaction Warranty: If you encounter issues with any Wisdompro product, please contact us right away. We will gladly work with you until the issue is resolved. Wisdompro® products are sold by authorized sellers only.
Dimensions: 75 x 150 x 1250
Color: Hotpink
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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