HOT YOGA TOWEL by FloAthletika - Premium Skidless Towel with Silicone bottom, Extra Absorbent, Anti-Slip, Washable, Mat Size. Best Yoga Towel for Bikram and other forms of Yoga / Pilates

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The ONE towel that will solve your problems has arrived: it will keep your mat safe from bacteria and keep you from slipping or losing your grip, and it stays in place!The ultra-grip towel will keep your mat lasting longer and bacteria free - it's also a great, lightweight, mat replacement when traveling. It is extremely helpful if your palms get sweaty during all sorts of workouts, or if you like to practice on the beach or other surfaces where a mat isn't necessary.Why Ultra-Grip FloAthletika Yoga Towel?The Ultra-Grip Towel is made of a specially designed "grip-grid" material, which ensures stability and helps keep palms from slipping during the toughest practices. It's made for extra sweaty hot yoga, but effective for lots of other workouts. The "grip-grid" texture creates a skidless barrier between you and the mat, not only keeping you in place, but also staying in place on the mat. The under-layer is lined with a silicone coating, which keeps the towel in place on the mat or on the floor. Many towels fold or slip, causing an un-stable practice, but the silicone coating ensures stability. It is also extremely absorbent, quick-drying and longer than regular towels, to ensure it covers your mat perfectly!Care Instructions?It's machine-washable, meaning that you get rid of the sweat after each practice, leaving your towel clean and your practice fresh!Why FlöAthletika?Unlike other big companies, FlöAthletika was founded by fitness and Yoga enthusiasts who could not find workout gear good enough for them so they decided to make it. They have finally managed to create a towel that they love. They provide a 100% guarantee on all products because they know how important good workout gear is to a fitness routine.Don't hesitate - get your very own FlöAthletika Ultra-Grip Yoga Towel and practice using ONLY THE BEST! 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Dimensions: 340 x 450 x 890
Size: 24" x 72"
Color: Grey-Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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