Antwalking Deluxe Air Flying Yoga Hammock Aerial Yoga Hammock Fitness Swing Hammock with 440lb Load Bearing (Orange)

Installation Steps: Install carabiners, fixed plate or loadable steel tube on the ceiling,50cm-80cm distance between two carabiners is preferred. Punching in the ceiling before mounting carabiners, furred ceiling is not suitable for installation.(installation must be operated on loadable fixed objects) You should use extension strap if the ceiling is higher, with 1.4-1.5m anti-gravity yoga length. Hook the carabiners at both ends of anti-gravity yoga to the end of extension strap. Note: Strong point of yoga hammock must be secured, distance between suspend height and the ground should not be more than 15 cm while hanging upside down, so as to avoid accidentally falling injuries. Before use, please check to know whether the hanging scaffold carabiner is loose, the extension strap is excessive wear. Do not carrying buttons or other sharp objects that might damage yoga hammock. Not fireproof fabric product, please keep away from fire. Make sure the ground around yoga hammock is clear and smooth, avoid choosing places with such sharp hard objects as gravel and branch. Package: 4 x Carabiner( Installed) 1 x Yoga Hammock 1 x Storage Cloth Bag
Dimensions: 630 x 787 x 1063
Color: Orange
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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