Star Trac Spinner Blade ION Indoor Cycling Bike

The spinner indoor cycling bike is easy to use and allows the user full control over resistance by simply adjusting the brake pad. Typically, lower resistance levels enables you to pedal at a faster pace, placing increased demand on the cardiovascular system. Higher resistance levels will typically deliver a greater muscle/endurance workout at lower RPMs. Additionally, the bike offers seat and handlebar adjustments, allowing the bike to be configured to each user's comfort zone. A unique feature to the spinner blade ion is an on-board generator which powers the computer, eliminating the need to replace batteries as part of the bi-annual maintenance routine. The green, environmentally friendly self-powering flywheel generator reduces consumption and the need to replace batteries and allows "always on" backlighting for computer display. As the rider starts to pedal the bike, blue LED lights illuminate on the left side of the flywheel. Not only is this a stunning visual it is an indicator that the generator is providing power to the computer. The spinner blade ion indoor cycling bike is engineered with a simple, intuitive computer display with large easy to read data. The spinner blade ion computer is also equipped with an ANT+ chip that allows it to broadcast ride data-such as power and cadence to an ANT+ compatible driver. The computer offers operational display with power, time, cadence, heart rate, distance and kilocalories (ANT+ and Polar 5Khz compatible HR belts. Data transfer is achieved with ANT+ tracking devices and programs). While the summary display offers peak power, average power, time, average heart rate, average cadence, total distance and total calories. Data readings are taken once every 250 milliseconds (4x per second) and update the computer display once every second. Max watts can be determined on one-second intervals.Colors: metallic charcoal frame with a black shroud and silver flywheel.
Dimensions: 1200 x 3800 x 4400
Color: Silver
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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