EVO IX Fitness Indoor Bike with Sway Frame and Orb Gear, Grey/Yellow

Spice up your cardio with the EVA IX new look indoor cycle. Evo IX is a sleek, stylish indoor cycle. It gives you a fun, exhilarating cardio and core training workout with its unique ramp frame. The ramp frame provides the sway motion with body movement to help riders to build core muscle and upper body muscle. You will measure your results with the EVA computer that comes standard with each bike. And, with the infinite fit handlebar and hybrid saddle, it will make your workout safe and comfortable each time. Evo IX raises the bar - on indoor cycles and your cardio deck! features: the orb gear drive system has a compact, single axis design that negates the need for a belt, chain, or external flywheel. It is a completely enclosed, three piece crank with an aligned sun gear. Core active sway frame sways with body movement so that riders can engage their core muscles in order to get more out of a traditional cardio workout. Each EVO fitness bike comes with a standard, specially designed set of handlebars that allow for the four most commonly used hand positions. They also feature holders for two large water bottles and a center platform for Smart phones. By incorporating the input of outdoor and indoor cyclists, the infinite fit handlebars are ideal for all riders. The EVA basic computer readouts include RPM, time, and distance, as well as an adjustable lighting function. Users can accurately track their progress in both light and dark environments. The EVA fitness bike features a high-quality, durable seat that is both comfortable and easy to adjust. The seat is designed to fit every rider, not just hardcore cyclists. The EVA fitness bike crank and pedal system has a versatile design that accommodates both cycling shoes and standard gym shoes. The extra durable cranks can withstand almost any amount of force you can dish out. The EVA fitness bike frame is made with an innovative cantilever design that has gone through rigorous Static and dynamic testing.
Dimensions: 1100 x 3700 x 4750
Color: Grey/Yellow
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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