Yoga Blocks 2 Pack and Strap Set Combo (4" x 6" x 9" Large Foam Yoga Blocks and 8 Foot D-Ring Yoga Strap), Perfect Gift Set by YogaAddict - Pink Yoga Block & Pink Yoga Strap

2 Foam Yoga Blocks 4" x 6" x 9" Extra Wide and 1 Cotton Yoga Strap 8' Long Set by Yoga Addict Have you tried going for yoga practice and not able to perform certain yoga poses? Are you having tight muscles or with physical challenges that prevent your body from fully stretching into a pose? Yoga blocks can provide you with extra support and stability by lessening the distance you must stretch. Who Can Benefit from Yoga Blocks and Straps - Those with tight muscles or anyone with physical challenges - Pregnant women can use this props to modify poses - If you are new to yoga, you will find the props useful particularly during your first few sessions - Even experienced yoga practitioners may choose to employ a block and strap to allow them to achieve optimal alignment - Those who are following the P90X Program Benefits of Yoga Blocks and Straps - They provide stability and support for proper alignment of the body - They help in reducing the distance between the body and the ground - They help to modify poses to the flexibility level of the body - They enable the person to hold poses more comfortably - They reduce the risk of pulled muscles or other such injuries - They are really useful for expectant mother, or during menstruation, as they help to lessen the amount of energy used to perform Asanas Free 28 page eReport "Top 10 Tips A Yoga Practitioner Should Know To Get The Most From Your Yoga Practice" This Yoga Blocks 2 Pack and Yoga Strap is Backed up by a 30 Day No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee! Click the Add to Cart Button to Start deepen your pose today and enjoy your practice more!
Dimensions: 440 x 920 x 1180
Color: Pink Yoga Block and Pink Yoga Strap
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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