Cooling Towel, Super Absorbent and Antibacterial, No Refrigeration Required, Extra Large 33"x 13" Size

COOLING TOWEL: INSTANT ICY COOLING WITHOUT REFRIGERATION! Do you spend a lot of time outdoors under the sun, whether playing sport or relaxing and would like a premium, long lasting way of keeping cool? Rather than cheap cooling aerosols and ice packs, would you like a premium cooling towel that can be instantly reused without refrigeration? If so, Blue Glacier Adventure's Cooling Towel is the perfect choice! Our Cooling Towel is manufactured from ultra soft, absorbent PVA material and designed to cool up to 10 degrees below the surrounding temperature without refrigeration, producing lasting, comfortable cooling for up to 2 hours! To reuse, simply soak in cold water and our Cooling Towel instantly works to keep you at a comfortable temperature, and is completely antibacterial and won't harbor odors or mold, perfect for use as a cool gym towel while working out. The towel hardens when dry; just soak it in cold water again to soften it. Unlike most other cooling towels, our Cooling Towel is extra large, measuring 33" x 13" ideal for relaxing outdoors and completely shielding your face and neck from the sun! Our Cooling Towel is a premium, durable product with a number of key benefits: - Keeps you up to 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding temperature.- No refrigeration required, simply wet and our towel cools for 1-2 hours. - Super absorbent design, perfect for use as a sports towel. - PVA material won't harbor bacteria, odors or mold. - Extra large 33"x 13" size, perfect for cooling the face and neck. If you're tired of cheap cooling sprays and constantly freezing ice packs, our Cooling Towel is ideal, with an antibacterial, super absorbent finish, near instant cooling and an extra large design! Click "Add to Cart" now!
Dimensions: 200 x 230 x 950
Size: 33
Color: Blue
Condition: New

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