DMI Mini Exercise Bike, Mini Fitness Cycle with Mat

DMI MINI EXERCISE BIKE, MINI FITNESS CYCLE WITH MAT Convenient Low Impact Bicycle Peddling Exercise For Rehab and Fitness DMI MINI FITNESS CYCLE BENEFITS: Improves range of motion Improve muscle strength in legs, knees, arms, shoulders, and back Improves cardiovascular health, decreasing your risk of heart disease Helps lower blood pressure Increases HDL (good cholesterol) Decreases the amount of triglycerides in the blood DMI MINI FITNESS CYCLE FEATURES: Digital monitor to keep track of number of revolutions in individual workouts, estimated calories burned, elapsed time, and total revolutions. Compact size easily stored Quiet and gentle sound produced while exercising Does not wobble while exercising Low impact, great for rehab Easily assembled with included tool Includes slip resistant mat Battery included, size AAA DMI MINI EXERCISE BIKE SIZE AND WEIGHT: 13.5 inches by 16 inches by 12.25 inches 13 pounds WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE: Amazon Exclusive Limited warranty may apply. Please see product for additional details. Click Add To Cart Today!
Dimensions: 750 x 1250 x 1650
Size: Bike 16" x 14" x 13"; Mat 19" x 14.5"
Color: Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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