Happy Hours - Portable Velcro Elastic Waist Heat Radiating Lower Back Waist 6 Springs Lumbar Brace Belt Double Pull Strap Lower Massager Brace Fitness Belt Size L/XL/XXL, Size L 90cm/ 2.7 inch

Product Features:1. Made of imported OK fabrics, soft and comfortable 2. With high quality lint-proof Velcro, eacy to wear and features strong stickiness and long lasting3. Breathable airy mesh fabric and honeycomb hole design helps to exhaust waist heat in motion and keep the waist dry 4. With six springs in the middle to support the lower back and stabilize joints for better waist protection. 5. The ingenious design of Double Pull mechanism means the inner wrap provides the best possible compression, heat retention and comfort, whilst the unique extra strength elastic strap would give you the extra shield of stability and support6. With a unique criss-cross elastic strap which is effective in removing excess gap between the strap and your body,to enhance stability.7. It is ideal for central backache and/or pain radiating as far as the buttocks£¬for people with a manual occupation or sport where lifting may be involved.8. It is designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements, also facilitates good posture by preventing a slouched position in the lower back.9.Dimension (Just for your reference)Size  Waistline    Length L    1.9-2.3 inch  90cm/ 2.7 inchXL    2.4-2.7 inch  100cm/ 3 inchXXL    2.8-3.4 inch  110cm/ 3.3 inchPackage:1* Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace
Size: Size L 90cm/ 2.7 inch
Condition: New

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