Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Isolate | Unflavored + Cold Processed + Undenatured | Pure Grassfed Protein Ideal for Shake, Smoothie or Drink | Natural + Non GMO | 16 oz / 1 pound

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Pure Unflavored Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate!Our natural grassfed whey is guaranteed to be the highest quality and purity of any whey protein powder anywhere. Why? We start with the best raw milk from grass-fed, hormone-free Wisconsin cows. We utilize cold processing and pasteurize the milk only once at the end of the process at 163° F for 15 seconds. Our major selling point is the nutritional value still in our whey that only comes from doing things the best way in every step of the process.How Is Your Whey Made? Conventional whey comes from corn/grain fed, caged, unhappy cows. This process results in a lower quality whey protein with less health promoting omega-3's, more inflammation promoting omega-6's, and tiny levels of beneficial CLA's. Conventional whey usually undergoes multiple pasteurizations, heatings, and acid treatments that damage the amino acids and nutrients in the final product. By the time it's ready to go in your body, conventional whey is nothing more than a damaged, diminished fraction of its former self. Because of this process, conventional whey pales in comparison to undenatured whey protein made directly from raw milk. Don't settle for low quality damaged whey protein! We are so proud of our grass fed whey protein powder we tell you how it's made on the bag. Best of all...100% Money Back Guarantee - Add it to your cart now and feel the difference!
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