Calf Compression Sleeve by Kunto Fitness (Single Sleeve) - Improve Blood Circulation & Reduce Leg Swelling & Shin Splint - Superior Fit (Large)

MY CALVES ARE ALWAYS SORE... For some, this is a constant reality. Sometimes, that pain can get pretty rough no matter who you are... THE IMPROVEMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING ON Get rid of prolonged muscle soreness and fatigue, reduce leg cramps, and increase your circulation with KuntoFitness' Compression Calf Sleeves! We've taken the time to create an amazingly breathable and effective sleeve to use no matter who you are; young or old, man or woman, big or small, we've got better recovery times and pain relief you can count on right here! BETTER COMPRESSION Offering only the best in true graduated compression, we've made sure these sleeve fit like they should. No slipping, and no "blue foot" issues that you can deal with when you accidentally buy those "other guys". No matter if you are a professional athlete, nurse, or cashier, if you're on your feet, we're here to make sure your legs stay in tip top shape! GUARANTEED Remember, if something isn't the way you need it to be just let us know. You're buyer risk free with KuntoFitness. SIZING Measure the circumference around the largest part of your calf. Large: Over 16" Medium: 13" - 16" Small: Under 13" GET BETTER COMPRESSION TODAY, AND CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON NOW!! (NOTE: ONE SLEEVE PER QUANTITY ORDERED!)
Dimensions: 60 x 515 x 1200
Size: Large
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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