Thorlos Womens Thick Padded Fitness Training Ankle - Low Cut Socks | AMX

Take your workout to the next level with extra protection and comfort. Specially placed spandex helps provide extra stability and support during rapid twisting and lateral movements common in fitness workouts. The heavyweight padding in the ball protects your foot from the most common damaging effects of impact, shear and blistering common to participating in fitness workouts. Women's Fitness Thorlos are classified as Protection Level 3 because they offer the most protection available (beyond what any other sock can provide today), and may require a 1/2-size larger shoe. 30-Day No Risk Trial - Thorlos feel better than your "ordinary socks" or your money back.
Dimensions: 180 x 450 x 890
Size: 10 (Shoe Size 7-9)
Color: White
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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