Muscle Roller Stick: A Great Sports Massage Tool for Releasing Myofascial Trigger Points, Reducing Muscle Soreness, Loosing Tightness, Soothing Cramps and Relieving Muscle Pain.

ACTIVATE YOUR BODY'S FULL WORKOUT POTENTIAL WITH THIS MUSCLE ROLLER STICK Are your muscles feeling strained, tightened, stiff or sore? Do you want to bring your workout performance to a new level, but you're always in pain? The Xcessfit Muscle Roller Stick is the most effective and least expensive way to get your body back in shape! Designed with high-quality materials, this muscle roller stick is stiff, durable and guaranteed to impress. Intended for athletes, health nuts, CrossFit devotees, and dedicated runners, and recommended by personal trainers and massage therapists across the country, the Xcessfit Muscle Roller Stick is just the right size, measuring 18 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches. Not only does it help relieve and further prevent muscle stiffness, soreness and injury, but it also provides great coverage for both larger and smaller areas, enabling you to apply the right amount of pressure each and every time. Thanks to the silicone handles on each end, maneuvering the roller stick is easy and nearly effortless. Using the Xcessfit Muscle Roller Stick stimulates blood flow, which, in turn, increases flexibility, warms up muscles, and reduces muscle tightness. Some of its most noteworthy benefits include: • Convenient size allows the muscle roller stick to be used on both large and small problem areas. • High-quality materials make the product stiff and durable, providing a long-lasting performance. • Silicone handles make maneuvering the muscle roller stick very simple. • Helps relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, and tightness, prevents injury, increases flexibility, and de-stresses your body. Is your body crying out to be flexible and pain-free again? Then Click "Add to Cart" button, and get to a whole new fitness level today!
Dimensions: 150 x 180 x 1870
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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