Cosfash Non Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Barre Socks with Grips for Women and Men 4 Pairs, Black/Grey/Purple/Blue, One Size

PERFECT GRIP -Cosfash Yoga Socks feature a custom non skid sole design from heel to toe that offers better grip for improved stability and balance so that you can safely practice and have better control of your body's movement to avoid injuries,enhances balance and stability. -Anti-slip sections on the ball, arch, and heel to boost performance. TOELESS Frees your toes for heightened sensation and balance. GREAT FOR TRAVEL -Practice your art while on the go! With Cosfash Yoga Socks, you can perform your poses and routines while traveling without having to bring a mat with you. -Bare feet and regular socks leave you vulnerable to fungal infection. -The targeted traction zones provide a no-slip grip on any surface, while the open design allows toes to spread for better tactile feel and balance. -These remarkably comfortable socks also reduce your exposure to foot fungus and make for a hygienic alternative to practicing in bare feet. COMFORTABLE -Our premium cotton hugs your feet and wicks away moisture. COOL & BREATHABLE -The open foot, half toe design helps increase the blood circulation in your feet and toes. It also allows your feet to stay cool while also wicking away moisture to maintain your grip on the ground. Breatheable Construction - 75% Cotton 22% Polyester 3% Spandex -Soft & breathable provides a secure and comfortable fit.Special cotton wrapped loose rubber at only the top part to allow sock stay up. Unisex Yoga Sock -Size:One size fits most (Women's shoe size 5-10).
Dimensions: 200 x 490 x 1010
Size: Women's shoe 5-10 Or Men's shoe 5-9
Color: Solid Color
Condition: New

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