3 Pound Hula Hoop With Optional Weight Increase, Great For Ab Exercises and Core Workout

The Hula Hoop is one of the oldest, simplest, and most versatile devices that you're probably not using, but definitely should. Maybe it's because they haven't really changed in over 50 years . . . that is, until now. The Milliard Aqua Power Hula Hoop is a new twist on a classic design _ and it's not just for the playground anymore! Our hoops are skinned in rubberized EVA foam, so they're soft to the touch, and provide extra grip for easier and more comfortable hooping. It collapses into six segments for easy portability and one segment has a water tank to tailor the hoop's weight and balance for your routine or preference - add just over an extra pound! When you're ready to start hooping, the segments lock together with captive push-button clips so they won't come apart by accident and there are no bits to lose. The rest is up to you! First-timers will have fun just keeping the hoop in the air, but advanced users can try hooping on their arms and legs, jumping through it, swinging it hand-over-hand, running with it, lunging, dancing _ your imagination is the limit. Spend just a few minutes with our hula hoop, and you'll find it's easy to use and fun to master! The Aqua Power Hula Hoop has been produced by Milliard with fun and safety in mind. We hope to provide you with years of satisfaction. Don't forget to check out our other great products!
Dimensions: 370 x 1080 x 2100
Size: 3 Pound
Color: Blue/Red
Condition: New

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