X31 Sports Thigh High Compression Socks, Womens (Medium, Pink)

Injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis and foot pain can significantly derail your training and preparation for an upcoming race, marathon or triathlon. That's why we've designed these Compression Running Socks to help improve recovery times and prevent those annoying injuries that plague so many of us. With 15-20 mm Hg graduated compression, our aim is to help you prevent those pesky shin splints, and with improved circulation, reduce recovery time. A cradled heel and soft snug toe box helps reduce friction and prevent blisters. Plush extra-padded sole, specifically the balls of the feet and the heel, improve the sock absorption to reduce the pounding your legs take during long runs. A reinforced arch support is designed for those prone to, or wanting to prevent plantar fascia pain. By using a moisture wicking microfiber (Nylon6), your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long. INSTRUCTIONS They are made from a super soft and stretchy microfiber, which means you don't pull them on like regular socks. Step 1 Select the Left or Right Compression Sock Step 2 Align the Toe and Heel Box correctly. You do not need to pull these tight like "normal" socks, as they will form to your foot.Step 3 Pull the Cuff to your preferable height. They can be worn Below Knee, Above Knee or in some instances even Thigh High if you want. Regular: Knee High, comes up to below the knee. Long: Thigh High, comes above the knee.Sizing Information : SM US Size: Women's 5½-8 | Men's 5-7 | Europe 36-38 MD US Size: Women's 8½-11 | Men's 7½-10 | Europe 39-42 LG US Size: Women's 11+ | Men's 10½-13 | Europe 43-46
Dimensions: 150 x 640 x 1010
Size: Medium
Color: Pink
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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