Sports Hoop® - Acu Hoop® 4M - 4lb (Dia.40") Medium, Weighted Hula Hoop for Workout with 50 minutes Workout Lesson DVD

*** Bonus: Includes a copy of 40-minute Sports Hoop® Workout and Lesson DVD. *** The Acu Hoop® 4M is a medium-sized Acu Hoop® specifically designed for burning fat and trimming waistlines. Adults 100-140lb (45-64kg) can use the Acu Hoop® 4M for effective exercises and toning. The foam padding and high-quality, durable plastic make it both easy and comfortable to hoop for a longer time. Benefits: • Weight and fat loss. • Slimmer waistline. • GS certified safety standards & Environmentally friendly. • Boosts cardio workout results. • Improves posture and blood circulation. • Core muscles workouts. Workout DVD: • Instructor: Rosemary. • Length: 46 minutes. • Workouts: Upper body, lower Body, abs, front kick, jab, back kick & jab, pliés, roundhouse, elbows, and more. Acu Hoop® is part of the Sports Hoop® series which offers a variety of weighted sports hula hoops specially designed and optimized to trim waistlines and lose weight. With over 30 models-each with unique features customized to fit all ages, sizes, and body types-we have something for everyone! • Want to trim faster and lose more weight? Try our Acu Hoop® 5L • Want to hoop longer? Try our Trim Hoop® 4B *For 17 years, over 3,000,000 Sports Hoop® products have been sold worldwide to help people improve their lifestyle and overall physical well-being. ®2017 Sports Hoop, Inc. All rights reserved. All Sports Hoop® products are USPTO registered trademarks or trademarks of Sports Hoop, Inc. * Product parts made in the U.S.A and TAIWAN.
Dimensions: 340 x 960 x 1720
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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