ResultSport Level 2 Wave Weighted 1.5kgs (3.30lbs) Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop - Orange/Grey

Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, tone up and have fun whilst doing it? Are you finding it hard to achieve these desired effects with your existing hula hoop? If so, it's time you tried the ResultSport® Level 2 Wave Weighted 1.5kgs Hula Hoop. It is specifically designed for exercise purposes and is great for burning calories, promoting fat loss, improving core strength and toning up areas such as your abdominal area and bottom. Weighted hula hoops are proven to be much more effective than standard hula hoops so you will start to see the results you have always wanted quicker.The wave design of the hula hoop provides a gentle massage to the user and helps to reduce muscular knots. It also prevents the hoop from slipping down the body when you are using it.It comes boxed as 8 separate interlocking pieces which can easily be assembled and dissembled for storage and transportation. ResultSport® Level 2 Wave Weighted Hula Hoop is made of highly durable plastic. It is covered with soft EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam which makes it very comfortable for the user. It also resists moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface so it's easy to clean.The high-tech design of the ResultSport hula hoops enables you to burn up to 300 calories per day - wave goodbye to excess fat and say hello to a new toned body! Using the Hula hoop can also aid mobility of the spine and hips, helping to improve posture and ensure the joints remain flexible.Brand: ResultSport® Size: 100cm (39") Weight: 1.5kgs (3.30lbs) - Orange/Grey Material: Soft EVA foam (outer) and PE (inner) Present in: Colour printed box
Dimensions: 315 x 858 x 1693
Condition: New

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