3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop For Exercise Weight Loss. Perfect for Dancing, Hot Fitness Workouts and Simply the Funnest Way to Lose Weight (Pink and Gray)

ACTORSTION Fitness Hoop HULA HOOPING: Is FUN! A great overall workout Strengthens your core muscles Gives you a massage thanks to the wave shaped pieces Improves your posture Good for cardio - gets your heart rate up to aerobic levels HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR FITNESS HOOP: 1. Take one grey (female) end and one pink with white (male) section 2. Press down the black button on the white plastic end of the pink (male) section 3. Insert the white plastic part into the grey (female) section (the side with a moose) 4. Make sure the black part comes out through the hole (under the foam) and that you hear the “pop” sound 5. Make sure the pieces are correctly connected by pulling and twisting them to test 6. Repeat the steps above until all pieces are put together DISASSEMBLE: 1. Pull aside the foam with the moose logo so you can see the black button 2. Push the black button 3. Draw aside the pink and grey sections while pushing the black button OUR PROMISE TO YOU We are completely obsessed with product quality and great customer service - if you have any questions please get in touch with our customer service team and we will get you the answers you need.
Dimensions: 200 x 800 x 1600
Color: Pink and Gray
Condition: New

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