Popsport 220LBS Mini Stepper Machine Fitness Twister Stepper Air Stair Climber Step With Monitor Workout for Home Exercise (Mini Stepper Machine)

220LBS Mini Stepper Machine Fitness Twister Stepper Air Stair Climber Step Introduction: This trainer is one of the most popular machines that is an affordable way for you to work out at home. And the mini elliptical trainer is available for adjustable tension for personalized workout. So the mini elliptical trainer can not only build the endurance you need but also burn calories. As an elliptical and stationary exercise trainer, this multi-function fitness machine is able to can you a total body workout in the comfort of your home. So it is a great a choice for you to exercise and keep you in good fitness. How to use: 1. Put the stepper on a flat stable surface. 2. Push one pedal right down with your foot until the crash pad is laying on the mainframe. Then put your other foot on the other raised pedal. 3. Feet trample down in turn like climbing stairs. 4. If you are skilled in exercise,do not trample the pedal to the bottom,you can speed up to get better effect on whole body. Notice: Please keep a safe distance of one meter all around the equipment during exercise,thank you ! Meter function and usage: COUNT - Showing the number of total steps you have completed during your workout TIME - Showing the total time you have exercised CAlORIES - Showing the approximate number of calories you have burned during your workout STEP/MIN - Showing your stepping speed, in strides per minute SCAN - Displaying the TIME, CALORIES, AND STEP/MIN modes in a repeating cycle, showing each mode for approximately five seconds NOTICE: the data will continue from where last workout ended. The meter will switch off automatically if there is no movement in two minutes. Package Content 1 X Mini stepper Machine 1 x English manual 2 x Piece of rope
Dimensions: 906 x 1575 x 1693
Color: Mini Stepper Machine
Condition: New

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