Titan Neoprene Light Weight Dumbbell Set - 5, 6, 7 LB

Add these lightweight neoprene dumbbells to your arsenal for resistance training, toning muscles. Adding difficulty to everyday tasks, and ultimately building a better you! Sold in sets of (1-4 LB) (5-7 LB) and (8-10 LB), pick and choose what weights work best for your routine and add heavier sets as you progress!Features:- Neoprene coating helps prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hand while in-use and gives a comfortable texture.- Comes in pairs of 5 LB, 6 LB, AND 7 LB. Other sets available up to 10 LB.- Color coordinated with corresponding white lettering to denote poundage for easy identification, making grabbing dumbbells mid set a breeze!- Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling all over the floor when set down between sets, also makes them stackable for easy storage!Specifications:- Come in Pairs!- 5 LB, 6 LB, and 7 LB.- Neoprene Coated. -  Total Lengths: 5 LB (7.75”) 6 LB (8”) 7 LB (8.25”) - Color Coding: 5 LB (Teal) 6 LB (Blue) 7 LB (Orange)
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