ITZON Black & Grey, Beige & White Ombre Fitness Yoga High Waist Leggings | Comfy, Confident & Stretchy [2 Pack]

We are MTM Hiking.We are built on the truth that the smallest actions can have far reaching impacts. We are convinced the beat of a butterfly wing can produce a wave of change and we love to flap our wings! We don’t claim that getting people out to see nature will save the world...but we think it can help. And we know it makes us happier and healthier. We believe it’s the simple things that mean the most. We floss. We recycle. We take the stairs. And we tell our loved ones that we love them. Because the little things add up. When it comes to our apparel, we reject sacrifice. Durable & cute for you? Non see through and vibrant colors? NOT mutually exclusive. We are as playfully ambitious and bashfully confident now as we were when we were toddlers. We strive to be healthy so we can get the most out of each breath. Life is about the journey, so let’s make the most of it! We know we are what we wear and you wear what’s on the planet, so it’s in all of our best interest to keep this planet healthy. We’re the kind of people who’ve figured out that nourishing the body is the first step to nourishing the soul. So... Let's have our leggings and wear it, too! Our PromiseMTM Hiking exists to make athletic apparel as it should be: durable in the gym, great fitting all day, loaded with love and value. We think great apparel should be simple. And for leggings to be great, we think it needs to look great, fit your body and leave a small footprint on the planet. When we make the right choice as easy as wearing a pair of MTM Hiking leggings, we empower more people to dress and live well. Join the movement, join the team, join MTM Hiking.
  • Date first listed on Amazon: December 27, 2017
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